Cool Parallel takeoff/landing

I was doing a flight with my online friend. After we had landed I realized in replays that I did a parallel landing/takeoff with Tyler_Shelton. I didn’t notice this live but I didn’t in replays.

Plane: CRJ-700 and -200
Flight: KDCA-KEWR:
Flight time: 30min
Time: around 9:00pm EST

Me on approach

Me landing (It was hard but we don’t talk about it)

Tyler_Shelton takeoff


Very cool pics Indeed, it’s pretty rare to get the honor of being close with a staff in the game.

Also, I would suggest taking another look at this topic here

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Very Nice!

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O sorry. I’m still new to the IFC. Is there a way that I can take it away. And thanks.

Yea, just click that pencil button on your main post and edit out the tags. And no worries.

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Ok thanks. Why is there a 10 letter thing lol.

Thank you. This 10 letter thing lol.

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Roger that.

Oh ok I’m a read all the rules before I keep posting.

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