Cool Infinite Fuel Bug

Device: iPhone XR
Operating System: iOS

I was having some fun flying the F22 on the casual server, I realized it’s possible to have infinite fuel by

  1. Going right behind the runway (not on the runway, go right behind it).
  2. Set thrust to 100% (parking brake still on) then quickly go to weight and balance (it will still let you if you do it quick enough), and since the F22 is really powerful you will still be able to takeoff with ease even though the parking brake is on.
  3. The fuel page is still open after you’re airborne, so you can change the fuel however you wish (you can actually see the fuel going down live on that, but then you can bring it all the way back up), also you will still be able to control the aircraft through tilting (there’s probably some way to set it on autopilot if you would like).

I don’t think there’s any practical use of this bug unless someone was for whatever reason, abusing it to fly forever. Not anything major, just something I think is kinda cool (but is a bug nonetheless). I’d assume to fix it, there would need to be some way for the menu to force close whenever the plane is airborne and/or on the runway.


It’s Infinite Flight for a reason!


If they were to fix it, it would likely just be through an extra thing to force it closed like you said


Time to set a record for fastest LHR-SYD flown


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