Cool ideas for Virtual Airline

Me and my fellow staff members at the @AirCanadaVirtual are looking for ways to make are Airline unique. We’re currently in the process of getting the Liveflight code, but were looking to see what the pilots want. Any suggestions?

Sorry about that. I changed it.

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sorry. Is live fine?

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Ok I will delete the message

I think this is a question for current IFVARB members as well as Cameron (for the live flight). They are the most knowledgeable about the ideas and could give you an accurate response to your features

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A good start may be to make a PIREP form…

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One idea i had was to get phpvms and download crew center. i’ve installed both phpvms and the crew center but i can’t figure out how to make it work? Can anyone help?

Just start off with a Google forms PIREP

Ok. Thanks for that @Balloonchaser

Well that will be cool if there is a timetable or schedule showing for each pilot mission and routine like departure time… to where is flying…
then once you have arrived or finished then you have to sign it as Done…

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That’s way to much work especially as most VAs don’t assign flights

Well if you want to be that’’ realistic’’ :D
Or a timetable where we are flying to… and we fly together as a team? or… I don’t know :D

I was considering that, but then as @Balloonchaser said before it is way to much work to keep it going. However, I am working around on that idea right now to figure something out.

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Well bc I am in a VA as well… they show all the routine which is we are operating… but you still fly alone u know…just the same with VA or without VA, so what for? (just saying) :D

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