Cool historical pictures

Thought this be a fun thread, if you see any cool historical pictures feel free post them and comment what’s going on!

An AN22 carrying the AN124 wing to a factory
(The photo isn’t credited where I found it)


Anything that’s black and white is sooo ugly in my perspective, so i’m outta here lol.

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Ever wonder what the record for the longest flight is? If you have, I’m sure you didn’t imagine that it was accomplished in a Cessna 172. Well folks, it was! This amazing feat was pulled off in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the plane is on static display at McCarran International Airport.

The flight lasted for over 64 days non-stop, establishing the endurance record which still stands today. Take a look at the article for yourself:


I’ve actually seen it in the terminal hung up next to the ceiling! It’s in the baggage claim area!


Cool picture! Was it drawn?

That’s right! Pretty amazing to think those guys were in there for almost 65 days straight 😩


A sight that is still incredible even after 36 years. Today is the anniversary of the simultaneous dual landing of Air France & British Airways Concorde aircraft at MCO. The historic event commemorated the opening of the France and United Kingdom Pavilions in the World Showcase at Epcot Center.

Photo creds to Orlando airport


Dang those things have a high AOA when they land

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