Cool GA callsigns

I use VH-TIM. VH is the prefix for all Australian registrations and Tim is my name. Works for me!

My callsign that I use isn’t really that exciting all it is is just N172ME which was the registration of the first plane that I flew

BIGPAPA always makes me smile

DILLY DILLY is the best callsign.

I occasionally use G-Critter

@CVRR3. MaxSez. GOOLE & Wiki are your friends! A bit of research is valuable and makes you appear smart here. Here yr answer; a segment of Wiki relating to GA Call Signs;

.” In most countries, unscheduled general aviation flights identify themselves using the call sign corresponding to the aircraft’s registration number”

The US Privet Pilots Assoc does not recommend phonetic call signs for GA.The use of a GA phonetic call sign is dangerous and may confuse your light aircraft with a commercial Trash Hauler. Suggest the true believers and Pro’s use a number prefixed by yr country code. US is “N”.

Fly Like a Pro, MaxSez

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For all military and GA flights, I use VEVO1

IFA1 strong 💪

How do you get paperwork for a callsign like that?

Anyways I always use the tail # ex N17XC N900XC N930TS N930JS N851TB

So he had to prove to the Feds that the Air Force wasn’t using that callsign then talk to them about using it; after there’s an agreement between the pilot and feds on what can be used.


I like the callsign N80991

@RotorGuy. MaxSez: By agreement based on mid-air Accident statistics Military aircraft flying in US controlled airspace squawk and Talk by the FAR, with very few exceptions. One exception is in mil restricted/special use airspace. MaxSends

Since I always go on way to long about her, I will keep it short. My callsign when I am not doing a VA or commercial flight, is N24320, the call sign of THE best plane in the world.


Who’s Goole, never heard of him.

@Levet, if you still want the X-Box cards and the pack of cold ones. Hmu.

Max, if you are wondering why I said that, it is actually a throwback to an old IFC post where the mods and Sebastian all roasted each other. PM me if you want a link, it is hilarious.

I once heard a S1ARZ before.


Mines VH-KJN, I really like it and sounds nice as well.

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If you want to go ultra realistic I would suggest going with whatever the tail number is, on the Boeing 787-10 for EVA Air it’s B-MISHA and on the TBM-930 in the Infinite Flight Dark livery it’s N930IF. It’s up to you and you decide on what sounds best to you and what you like most.

If you have a 5 letter name you could do something like mine - B-LITZ

I use




You can go on flight radar and check what the registration of the planes registered in your country and base something on that for
Example I live in Australia so I use VH-ANP, for you it will be G-(four letters) could be your name or anything really all up to you.

You call sign could be BC… Bravo Charlie

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I usually use OO-FXY, OO- for Belgian reg and FXY cuz I like those letters xD.