Cool GA callsigns

Hi fellow IFC members
It just hit me that now that since the 172 rework was announced I have been flying GA a lot more, however I struggle with knowing what callsign to use. I like to use a callsign that stands out or has a little twist to it such as my current GA callsign of CUP64KE. What do you think makes a good callsign and suggestions will be heavily appreciated.
Thanks !


I like N71FS

My friend has a real callsign for his 150, it’s Harambe 1, yes we have legit paper work to prove this also.


I use LLL001 in IF. Just like to use it.

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V0RT3X 🤷🏻‍♂️ Had this callsign for a small while but don’t use it anymore.Vortex

Love that one 👍 Imagination at its finest

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I use EYZ!

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I wonder why @ThePlaneFlyer 😏

(Stefan Drury)

Yep, and I see him sometimes as I fly out of morabbin

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I just go with whatever it gives me lol I do not really care.

THOMAS wonder why? 😏

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Thomas the tank engine lol


When I fly GA I normally go with JAT001 because it is my neutral callsign and I use it for everything!

GA for me I like the callsign N927MT since it has my birthday and my initials, but other than that WATCHOUT is my go-to.

I was watching this video and the GA callsign was CS-WTF 🤭

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That is hilarious…

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Mine is RAINY1



Russian love💪


GREENDAY is currently my callsign representing my favorite band.

Mine is NYOU idk I think