Cool flight through the Alps

I really started to enjoy making these so here’s another one. Today I flew from Menorca to Frankfurt. Flight time was 1 hour 40 minutes. Enjoy.

  1. Departure from Menorca

  2. Climbing over the Tyrrhenian Sea

  1. Marseille, France

4, and 5. Cruising over the alps

  1. Descent

  1. Lined up with runway 25L

  1. Touchdown

  1. Holding short of runway 25C as an American 77W takes off with @Andy in the background in the 747.

  1. Parked at the gate

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I really like your editing style! My favorite ones were the cockpit pictures :)

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Love those photos! Your editing is frankly impressive!!! May I ask you where you flew to?

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Thanks. I flew to Frankfurt

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Thanks! EDDF is a cool airport!

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Hey, what time was that at? Lovely pics as always!

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Thanks. I landed around 1120am EST

Some very cool pictures and always great to see TUI and Frankfurt! Balearic Islands to Germany is always fantastic scenery wise as well. Thanks for sharing!

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Really nice editing, love the toning especially with 4,5 and 6

Thanks for sharing!

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Eyy I saw you tooo!

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I really like your editing style! Keep it up!

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love ur photo fist day in ifc Iam so amazed

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