Cool down warning

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Device Information

_Ipad pro 2018
IOS 14.0.1


Since I started testing the simulator at full airports. This warning appeared several times. My room, even with air conditioning and outside the cover, this message appeared.

Steps to reproduce

  • _Connect application
  • _Select airport
  • _High selected images
  • _To appear other aircraft selected medium.
  • _Then the image appeared

Expected results

_ Let the problem be observed.

Actual results

_ If an application is causing this it would be nice to see what is happening. I suspect the cause may be IOS 14.0.1.

More Information

In hot spots there was a hot device warning image. At smaller airports it happened once.


Is there a case on your device?

Hello Cameron, good to talk to you. So Yes. I went to look here in the community and found an old article talking about it to remove the cover and see if the problem solved. Outside the cover the image appeared 3 times.

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That sounds as if your aircraft count is set too high (especially at a busy airport). Can you try turning it down on your next flight to see if that has any effect?

Of course. I will test and warn you.

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