Cool cockpit photos


Wow! Those are amazing!

Thats cool with the lighting.

Also are these simulators? I think they are but I want to make sure.

Pretty lights. :)

Shouldn’t the title be Cool Flight deck pictures?? I’m sure it’s not allowed to be called a cockpit now by airline pilots

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3rd you can tell is fake outside but AWSOME

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One of my FAVORITE looking cockpits, but which one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(this is also my desktop for my pc)


The last one is photoshopped don’t lie

No duh the last one is photoshopped, look below the throttles and outside lol.

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The old and the new :)


In my dreams I think about that last one.

@Aernout do you have any from the 380?

Thought the same thing along with a few funny comments I can’t post here. 😂

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Cockpit of Cessna 172 I flew back in July
(It was quite cramped so that’s why the photo’s quite zoomed)

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Is that an A310 cockpit?

No, CRJ 700 :)

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There are so many HQ pictures online, better look for those :)

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