Cool area And challenge!

Hey everybody!
The other day I was flying and I took off at Lukla. It is a really nice airport to take off in the Daher TBM, but a bit of a challenge! Going out and exploring the mountains and doing passes though them was a lot of fun! And In the end I challenged myself landing back at Lukla! Y’all should really try it! Any other suggestions for nice flying areas?


I absolutely love taking the C208 or the TBM and just flying around the mountains! A little ways back I went airport hopping around the Himalayas and hand-flew the whole time. It was a blast!

Just taking the time to slow down and fly some VFR in GA planes is always really fun! I recommend flying PAJN - 7AK2 in the XCub, it’s one of my personal favorites.

KROA and the DC area are awesome in GA super fun to fly around the mountains!

I recommend flying around the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. takeoff from KEGE do some hand-flying above the mountains and fly low through the mountains is a blast, land at either KASE, KTEX, beautiful approaches!!

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