Cookie Delivery 🍪

Flughafen Leipzig Halle / Leipzig Halle Airport(EDDP/LEJ)🇩🇪 - 香港国际机场 / Hong Kong International Airport(VHHH/HKG)🇭🇰

Flight time: 10:45

Server: Expert

someone unexpectedly needed to take 45 tons of chocolate cookies from Leipzig to Hong Kong

44 tons of cookies loaded, it’s time to move towards the runway

take off from runway 26L

Gear UP!

Over Romania🇷🇴

meet the dawn

Himalayan range

AeroLogic got a nice livery for the 77L

Together with 40 tons, someone ordered a parcel of butter

Taxi to the cargo terminal

Welcome to Hong Kong!🇭🇰 (Where did the 5 tons of cookies go?)

Thank you for watching!



The cookies came to me!

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Nice flight! I think i ordered some cookies so thx lol

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Someone in the Hong Kong special administrative region must REALLY like Girl Scout cookies, since it’s that time of year when they start selling like hotcakes. Probably the single biggest order they’ve gotten to date 😳


I’ll take a cookie…even though I didn’t order one…

Nice photos though - have a great rest of your day!

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Nice photos! I too will take a cookie.

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Nice photos man!

Doorbell rings

Oh man my cookies are here!

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Nice pictures! I hope whoever ordered those cookies is willing to share!

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I’ll complete my comment in a bit, my cookies just got delivered, brb

Update: I received them and oh my god I’m in literal heaven

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I’m still waiting for them… did someone steal it??!

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Really cool topic and photos!

also, give me my cookie 👺

Very nice pictures bro!

I want a chocolate chip cookie! 🍪 I love them! 😊

Edit: Wait, I already received them from the heavens XD. 😅

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The 5 tons of cookies dropped in air over Romania and now I am currently eating them as I type. Aerologic cookies are better then I expected, they have a bit of logic in them, they help me stay focused.


Did you like our innovative ways of delivery?

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I’m not gonna say anything here 😬😬

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Why are you missing 1 ton of cookies? What did you do to them?

Oh yeah I got the cookies
Very nice
Got lots of different cookies man
Like a lot
Btw nice post

oreo? girl scout? what kind!

It was excellent! 😀👍

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