Convincing my parents

I need to convince my parents to spend 10 bucks for the 1 month subscription, what should I say

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Please give me US 9.99 plus applicable taxes and fees for one month so I can enjoy the best flight simulator out there, Infinite Flight Simulator.


Offer to work for a small amount of cash. Make them see you truly want this, and that you will to get it.


You guys could split the bill, also make the sim sound educational, like it could help you in the future.

Offering to help around the house is probably the best bet. Also the sim can be educational if you utilize it correctly and to the full potential.

Say its helping your future.


Haha this is an easy one.

Infinite flight gives you the ability to peek through the curtain of real aviation that most people only dream about. World wide 3D scenery, more than 40 planes, almost every single airport that is existant in the real world, ATC, rules or no rules, and fun friendly community to expirience all this with.


or try doing work around the house. My rates are 5 dollars per hour ( Work slow it works ;) )

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UPDATE: They said yes, I convinced them 😅


But that’s also the truth, it does help you if you’re new to aviation.

Play solo, show them your smoothest landing, and say I could do this all around the world!

Or smartest suggestion would be showing this thread and show them how much the IFC wants you to play this simulator.

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When you get your first test grade, if it’s good, ask them if they could pay for it if your good grades continue.

I didn’t say it didn’t

Be convincing, and try to be a good public speaker. You will never regret it.

Don’t be rude, and do chores.Then ask them the same question what Transport sent

See you in global!


Maybe try to disguise it as an aide to study by studying some aviation books.

Show them the good grades


only the good grades… lmao

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I swear it’s for school

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