Conviasa Airlines C208

At the moment we currently do not have that many airline liveries on the Cessna 208 Caravan and I believe this would be a very welcomed addition opening up many routes within South America. The Conviasa Airlines C208 flies within Venezuela. Their main base is in Caracas (this is just what I could find. If you know more info on its route network, please add below). Please consider leaving it a vote!


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The IF Caravan, it’s like “Legacy” so I don’t think they would bring this painting to an old plant, it has more chances of coming to a new one

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This is true, but no hurt in trying!

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Well, they have added a few liveries to the Caravan in an update in 2021 or 2022, so who knows?


You’re right, it costs nothing to try, but the chance is small of this coming to the IF.

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No matter the size of chance, worth trying! And like @AvioesEJogos said above, that have added in recent years.

Like the Mokule livery.


Exactly like that one!

With the C208 rework are we able to get this beauty?

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