Converting FR24 flight plan to IF

Is there a way to convert a flight plan from flightradar24 orlive flight into an actual IF flightplan?

I am asking this because I want to make a flight to an airport which doesn’t have approach/arrival procedures and there iss a considerable lack of waypoints in the vicinity of the airport

I believe this can be done with a gold subscription to Flightradar24, by downloading a flight file in KML format and converting the file to IF format by using AdamCallow’s site here.


This actually works with the procedure described by Ecoops123. However, you must be aware that FR24 saves the exact position data (if available) of the flight in the KML files. The converted flight plan will therefore not only consist of relevant individual waypoints, but of the entire, extremely detailed route.
For example, I tried this on a flight to KIAD. The approach for IF would then look like this:

Of course you can edit this flight plan and only include the important waypoints. But I doubt that this effort is really worth it if you can just fly the approach manually (which also makes the flight a lot more interesting). ;)

You need a Gold Subscription as far as I know, since I have one. You can also pull them off of Flightaware. But these usually need to be converted or modified to be fully functional in IF in most circumstances.

Would you consider using SimBrief ? The plans generated there are close to whats being flown IRL
and you can get SID /STAR info as well.

I use this and compare it to Flightaware and FR24 for final routing changes if needed. The info is stored for you. The good point is you can also create specific Airframe info and fuel factors etc. to get good flight specific fuel load and route data. Fully customizable.

There are a few links in the IFC data base to about this by searching

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