Converting 0800 PDT to GMT

I’m gonna create an event, can you help me convert 5000z to pdt?

Zulu time runs using military time. There is no 50th hour

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5000Z? What?

So it’s 500z?

0500Z is 5am GMT.

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You probably mean 0500Z. That is 5:00AM in UK Time.

With daylight savings, 0500z is 10:00pm pdt

It would be 0500z, which is 10pm PDT.

So what is 8am pdt in Zulu?

8am (pdt) would be 1500Z with daylight savings.

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Thank you!

Also, Google is your friend. No reason to ask a question like this on here considering the pedantic folk like to assume you didn’t make a mistake and start calling you out for putting 5000Z 😂🙈

Use this if you need help finding Zulu time(it’s helpful)

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