Convert your Google Earth KML's into IF Flight Plans

Are you tired of making interesting flight plans in google earth but then having to do long conversions to stick them in Infinite Flight?

If the answer is yes then continue reading.

If the answer is no, then here is a picture of a CRJ KML flight I did a while back to make you think this is somewhat interesting.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this is not my idea, but Skyhigh gave me the idea and as the link for that no longer works I thought I would tackle it on my day off.

So without further ado here it is:

If you need any help in getting the KML file then SkyHigh did a fantastic tutorial here

Just a couple of must reads about this:

  • Paste the co-ords only ( The bit between the Coordinates tags)
  • Only works if the path is clamped to the ground
  • Rounding errors may make certain parts of the path look out of place, just change the co-ord by one and it should be fine (Should not happen too much)
  • If you spot any errors then please let me know!

Thanks for reading!


Bookmarked. Thanks for recreating it after the last user was banned.


^^ When you try to be funny but it didn’t work hahaha


Finally I found what I’m looking for. Thanks Adam! Bookmarked! 👍🏻


Here is my latest creation:
The Lufthansa bird


5247N/7004E 5233N/8107E 5226N/8429E 5216N/9002E 5204N/9641E 5154N/1013E 5149N/1036E 5146N/1052E 5140N/1123E 5135N/1149E 5132N/1213E 5130N/1233E 5140N/1242E 5141N/1234E 5140N/1219E 5142N/1202E 5144N/1141E 5151N/1121E 5155N/1103E 5205N/1047E 5207N/1041E 5213N/1104E 5218N/1124E 5225N/1146E 5225N/1204E 5226N/1217E 5226N/1234E 5226N/1256E 5229N/1304E 5232N/1308E 5234N/1306E 5234N/1258E 5233N/1248E 5234N/1235E 5234N/1216E 5231N/1138E 5230N/1131E 5237N/1135E 5238N/1211E 5238N/1240E 5237N/1307E 5238N/1317E 5244N/1323E 5246N/1144E 5250N/1150E 5250N/1213E 5250N/1333E 5255N/1341E 5258N/1157E 5302N/1159E 5300N/1344E 5306N/1353E 5307N/1256E 5309N/1234E 5308N/1201E 5307N/1138E 5307N/1120E 5306N/1111E 5300N/1105E 5251N/1057E 5243N/1046E 5234N/1034E 5229N/1022E 5225N/1006E 5222N/9852E 5222N/9742E 5222N/9533E 5223N/9319E 5224N/9107E 5229N/8853E 5237N/8429E 5226N/9428E 5229N/9533E 5254N/7640E 5249N/7534E 5255N/7004E 5247N/7004E


Dang, that’s cool! Nice job!


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to post a bit of an update on this.

Since I made this a few people have come to me with serval issues;

  • It would break if you pasted a co-ord over 100 degrees (sorry for you aussies out there)
  • It would break if you pasted a Co-ord under 10 degrees (Google sheets doesn’t like keeping the 0 ahead of a number)
  • It would break if you pasted a Co-ord under 1 degree (I’m Just an idiot on that one, forgot a space bar)

These issues are all fixed ( Hopefully) and if you have any other issues with it feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Happy flight planning,



Is this still possible?

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Yes, but I have some issues with that. Anyway, yes it works

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Yes, this should still work.

Any issues, then do let me know.

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How do i get the coordinates from my computer to my tablet? @AdamCallow
Happy Flying :D

Hello @AdamCallow, I have the coordinates now. So do I just need to insert the coordinates into Infinite Flight? Thanks

Also how do I take the picture of the picture of the earth? Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 16.25.24

Try the free version of OneNote

If you have the co words then just paste them into the search bar in IF.

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Okay, thank you. I will have a go later :)

@AdamCallow it did not work :(

That is exactly what happened for me aswell! Like to hear what we are doing wrong!

Hello, thats because you need to use the spreadsheet above to convert them into a format that IF can read. I can see from your search bar you have just pasted the KML co ords into IF

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How do we use the thing above?

You copy your co ords from the KML file
Click the box on the spreadsheet where it says
Press the space bar
Paste in co ords
Copy the output