Convert waypoints from flightradar24

Hi Guys,
Here I want to share my way to build a real aviation routes from flightradar 24.

Take this one for example

Download the KML files.

Using IF tools KML to FPL file Converter then choose the file you downloaded from flightradar24.

Now you get a real world aviation routes.

But it’s still a issue that if using this way it won’t display routes on screen.


Thank you so much @Ad_Liu This will bring a lot realism

Can you give me a link to the converter please ?


First, this topic is belong to #ground-school:community-tutorials category. However, to post in, you have to be at least Trust Level 2 on the forum and unfortunately you are Trust Level 1.
Second, your tutorial is duplicate, @AdamCallow has a similar one, you can check here

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The tool used in this ‘tutorial’ is also made by the wonderful Adam Callow. You can find it here:

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