Convert real fpl to IF

Hey guys so earlier I saw a post that had two links, one showing how to get a fpl and then they also linked a link that showed how to convert it to be IF friendly, and I can’t find those posts now :( wd anyone be able to reply to me with those websites? (If u know them, obvi)


is this what you are talking about?

You can use FlightAware or simbrief on that link

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Yes, but how do I make the fpl to put in that? Or can I just make one from there?

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Let me get the link

Use simbrief if you want an accurate flight plan. If you want the fastest one use the other site.

Walkthrough is right there

ok ill have a look at that

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you can also use virtual hub esp on android devices, they work pretty well for me and its a good all around app because they also have airport charts and checklists

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