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does anyone know of an efficient way to determine ‘custom’ coordinates when simbrief doesn’t generate them for you? I know the format to add coordinates, but many times I’d like to adjust the route to better suite weather conditions but don’t have a quick way to determine what the proper coordinates of a point should be (right now I use google earth pin dropping). also, is it possible to add the runway threshold as a waypoint? sometimes approaches dont include a fix that leads directly to the threshold

The only way to make custom coordinates is to make a custom flight plan which is possible. 😊

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Use FPLtoIF. It is a bit outdated though so sometimes coordinates are used unnecessarily.

The only custom coordinates in FPLtoIF are TOC and TOD.

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that only works for TOC/TOD (which is often incorrect based on adherence to SIDs)

or to represent a waypoint which is not in IF’s database.

Unfortunately @Captain_Oblivious the way you have described adding Custom Waypoints as the way I refer to them are the fastest way of adding custom waypoints to infinite flight.

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yea i’m not looking to make funky shapes, just adding a couple of waypoints for weather. oh well

btw it is possible to add runway thresholds by typing?

No Unfortunately thats is not possible and the only way to do that is to make a custom waypoint at the starting of the Runway. 😄

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Use skyvector and take the first 4 or 5 digits of each coordinate (4 or 5 depending on how far east or west). That’s what I do

@Chris_S ( 0_0 )

lol I made a post recently already.

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