Convective turbulence on hot days

It would be really cool to have convective turbulence on a hot day from the heat rising. This happens a lot below FL100 in hot conditions causing wind and thunderstorms

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I hope you agree that this is important!

Turbulence is something that is based on real life data as it is already, not sure how we can make it better ;)


Well there is no real life prediction about convection until it becomes a cloud. Convection can happen without a cloud if the humidity is low, but it is almost garunteed that there will be thermals in hot days causing turbulence.

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I’m not talking about predictions. Our data is based on real life observations from NOAA.


Ah I never knew that, I have never hit any convective turbulence in IF though and I fly ALOT during the summer.


Maybe this will come into IF when clouds are added. But I don’t see this as an immediate need though. This is a good idea though. Something I would like to see that could be added is wake turbulence caused by other aircraft.


Well the point that @schyllberg was trying to make is we do have turbulence modeled on real-world data - this would include convective turbulence bundled in as well.

I have a feeling you might not notice turbulence as much because your chair doesn’t move up and down 10 or 20 feet when you hit it ;) I find it rare that I have a completely smooth flight, but I agree I don’t notice strong turbulence very often. Whenever we do have clouds it might be easier to tell with the visual cue

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Very true.