Convair CV-240 Family

Please consider this historic aircraft that many airlines bought. All information can he found here.


@masonh2479. Max Sez… Remember this regular flyer in a Mohawk/Allegheny suit when I was a kid hanging out at the old Philly International. They quickly caught on and rapidly replaced DC-3’s. This bird was one of the first machines in a Regional configuration with tri-Cycle gear, the wave of the future at the time. Convair died a slow death but was obsorbed, names like Consolidate , Valtees come to mind as well as General Dynamics during the expansion years.
You have my vote for sure!

Yes this would be a great bird to fly in game :)

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You also have my vote as well

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Good to hear man, we need more prop aircraft.


I can’t disagree with u

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