Convair Convairliner


The Convairliner was a short to medium range airliner built in the late 40’s & 50’s. Built to an American Airlines request for an aircraft to replace the D.C.-3, it was the first reagional airliner with pressurization. It was produced in 4 variants, 3 piston engined: the CV-240, -340 & -440 “Metropolitan”, & 1 turboprop: the -580. Many major airlines bought them so we could have many classic liverys. Some of these aircraft are still in service in northern Canada. I would love this aircraft in IF, as it was an important step in airline travel.

This would be nice to see, especially since we do not have very many older aircraft in Infinite flight.

I Voted!

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I didn’t know this existed and I love the name already

The CV-580 was powered by Allison turboprop engines, while older Convair planes were powered by radial engines.

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Looks like a ripoff of the Saab 340, or like an older version