Convair 880

I think this is the fastest commercial airliner in history (before concorde) (i could be wrong) but i like this aircraft and it would be fun to fly livery’s would be:
Delta (retro)
Cathay Pacific
Elvis (not sure if thats real but its in FSX)
American had the 990 but we could skin it on to the 880 also had retro
it was built to compete with the 707 and dc-8 by being smaller and faster but it failed to create demandimage

here is link to wikipedia of all the operators us navy also used this


Would love this aircraft. Please provide a pic.

Delta, Delta, Delta, YYYYEEEESSSS!
I already love it even though I haven’t seen it yet.

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sorry forgot about pic but theres one now

Personally I think delta looks better but this isn’t half bad either.

Do want!

It is the fastest 1st gen jetliner.

This would be nice! Elvis did own an 880 entitled “Lisa Marie” after his daughter.


Image Address:

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Not the fastest airliner, there’s this thing called the Concord you may have heard about. But besides that, I love this plane so much

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You mean concorde?

This thing was flying 15 years before the Concorde. At the time it was the fastest jetliner.

He said :think this is the fastest commercial airliner in history
Also thanks for spellcheck :)

i said before Concorde and i put could be wrong

Nope. But I like your idea

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look at those classic engines!

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One image per topic please, thank you :)

I’d also like to see it’s successor. The 990.

The coronado, one of my very favorite planes. It stands out of the mass!

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awesome to see this with a trans world airlines livery

Isn’t it one picture per feature request?

they could release both like they released 787 8,9 and 10

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