Convair 580

A true work horse in aviation one that’s old will be running strong way into the future, with a rich history but stood the test of time the aircraft in talking about is the convair 580.

Why I think it’s a great aircraft is because the aircraft is still operating strong for many airlines and cargo carriers even though its old. The aircraft has almost single handily been what’s saved islands, like the Chatham Islands it is the only aircraft that runs regular services to the island. It’s easy converted to passenger and cargo use providing all tourism and most supplies to the island. I’m sure it’s widely used in other places in the world.

About the convair 580
Exterior Height: 28 ft 2 in
Wing Span: 105 ft 4 in
Length: 81 ft 6 in
Crew: 2-3
Passengers: 56
Operating Weights
Max T/O Weight: 58140 Lb
Max Landing Weight: 52000 Lb
Empty Weight: 30275 Lb
Fuel Capacity: 2900 gal Lb
Max Payload: 16000 Lb
Normal Range: 2577 nm
Max Range: 1970 nm
Service Ceiling: 24900 ft
Normal Cruise: 297 kts
Stall Speed:: 75 knots
Power Plant
Engine Mfg: Allison
Engine Model: 501-D13H

The Allison Prop Jet Convair, or CV580, is a two engine, low wing medium range commercial transport. Originally, manufactured by Convair as a CV340 or CV440, and then converted to prop–jet power by the Allison Division of General Motors Corporation through Canadian STC SA00-140, or FAA STC SA4-1100.

Specifications and description from Convair 580 Specifications, Cabin Dimensions, Performance

I would really love this to be added to infinite flight as it’s a amazing aircraft and very underrated.

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