Controversies in Aviation

Hey all,
I did a quick google search and I couldn’t find any controversies related to aviation currently. Do any of you know anything that is happening? (I’ve got to do a research paper about current controversies)

Do not post your personal opinions about the subject

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I think automation is a big one you can look at. Taking control away from the pilot as some like to say.


Do you think there is enough information to also talk about supersonic travel?

How about…

t a r m a c


I dont know if I could write 6 paragraphs about tarmac

British Airways pilot unions are striking. Pretty interesting stuff

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What about rising costs? Fuel, etc.

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The Media’s Perception and Relation to Aviation. I mean seriously, it is a bigger thing than we think.

Also, about to drop the bombshell. The BoInG 737 mAx

Oh! Ok. It’s for an essay.

I actually just wrote one about automation. Another topic would be about myths about aviation or airplanes.

Good luck! If you need any tips with writing or anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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@anon38496261 I would have to make it more about thinks that are misunderstood in aviation. That would include tarmac. Any other misunderstood terms?

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There is quite a lot. One pretty recent one would be the 737 max crashes.

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Maybe the one (there’s no specific word) where planes sit on the runways for hours during delays.

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@Hamza.N Beat you to it.

Or about the likelihood of being in a plane crash (one in eleven million)

You are more likely to get into a car crash than a plane crash.

Also, Airbus V Boeing

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Cough cough Airbus

But yeah that’s probably one you could look into

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Also, what about the whole C-Series/Airbus A220 thing? That was a huge thing due to Bombardier dumping and the financial issues with it.

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Airbus vs Boieng wouldnt really work for this essay.

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What about the little plane war, the war for regional aircraft. A real thing, as I stated above with the C-Series/A220 thing.

How about the pilot stereotype? Pilots are often imaged as millionaires with lady flight attendants on each arm, going to the beach, etc.