I know you can use a joystick etc for infinite flight. But can you use a normal wireless keyboard like you would use for your iPad or something?

I don’t think that you can set up keyboards to the diffferent bindings sadly. I could be mistaken.
In Live Flight Connect some keys on your computers keyboard control things. Like gear toggle is G and etc.

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Yes but I’m like 50% sure that you can remap the buttons under the controls tab in IF settings.

what do I have to have on? Because for me it’s not working

Are you using LiveFlight Connect on your computer?

No all I am using is an iPad and a wireless keyboard

You have to link the keyboard to your computer and then link your computer to your iPad using LiveFlight Connect on your computer. Then the keyboard should work and you can customize the bindings in IF settings.

I will also warn you the keyboard doesn’t really work like you think it would. Not for me anyways. The controls are a little weird and it’s kinda hard to control for me.

Oh I see thanks! I thought you could use it w/o the computer

No problem. You can close this now Mr. Moderator. :)

It is best to leave this open in case Tyler runs into any issues with the setup.
He can always flag the topic when it has run its course.

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You can close the topic I got it to work