Controls using my keyboard

how do I control the direction of the plane once it has taken off using my keyboard all it keeps doing is turning to the right and then crashes

Hello! What do you mean exactly? Could you provide some additional info such as device, operating system, and version for IF? And if you wouldn’t mind moving this to #support so this is seen as a support topic so you can get more help 😊

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Im afraid you cant use a keyboard with IF. Are you using a external software? If so then more information will be appreciated as mentioned above!

You mean like how you can fly on a desktop sim using the keyboard to control your aircraft? If so, you’d likely need external software (e.g. LiveFlight or similar)

On my ipad, inside IF, I can see there are keyboard key assignments to some controls, but using a Smart Connector attached keyboard i cannot activate them. A bluetooth keyboard or external software may be needed to use them

I am using m y android tablet with a bluetooth connected keyboard, I have assigned some of the controls with a letter but cannot find where to control the Rudder using a key on the keyboard.

I’m not sure any other control surface than trim can be assigned with a keyboard

If you have a console controller lying around you can use that, I’ve had success with that even on PC

I have the same problem. I want to use game using keybard in my tablet or running in windows 11 with bluestack (In the next days we will be able to install the game directly in windows 11 using the app store). So we need a way to use the game without accelerometer, using keyboard and/or on-screen control. Does it exist?

Blue stacks does have keyboard controls, but you’ll need something like a console controller to move the control surfaces. That’s how I’ve done bluestacks before

There’s no on screen joystick in IF

Yes I know. Other Android simulators like RFS talk in their forums about their simulator has screen joystick and IF no. And indeed, its a but plus

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