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Hey guys,

I was recently flying on Training Server and I had just taken off and my A318 decided that it would be a wonderful idea to stop following my yoke movements and went vertical, resulting in my account getting striked with an aerobatics violation. I attempted to close the app before I received a violation, but I had Guided Access on so I didn’t accidentally swipe up, returning to my Home Screen. Didn’t think about ending my flight as I was trying to get my plane out of the vertical position.

A similar problem happened yesterday twice, on my takeoff roll, luckily I was not climbing and just ended up crashing a few feet after the tarmac. This time I wasn’t so lucky.

sorry to hear this happened to you but the best course of action would be to contact @appeals

Good luck




No. I said I attempted to.

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my apologies, i took “attempted” and “before” meaning he did end up recieving one

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No sorry he actually did get it, I read it wrong:

I didn’t see this part so you are correct :)

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Just a quick question, did you have the autopilot enabled in any way before your yoke decided not to follow your instructions?

Nope. I think it may have been a calibration problem.

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That got far.

Name not shown for privacy.

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sorry, to hear, it will be gone in 7 days so just keep flying and hopefully it doesnt happen again !!

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Correct, you should go ahead and contact @ appeals to take up this issue.

its already been done if you go up then you would see the reply he got

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Oh I didn’t see - my bad.

its all good, this is why you should always read the thread before replying on any post on the IFC. have a great day

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