Controls not tilt

Add joystick for beginners like me because its hard to control in tilting

1st, I think this would be better off in Support
2nd, you can calibrate

This is not necessarily meant to be in support as it’s not a “help” request or an issue report.

@Miguel_Macabontoc i believe there is a way to connect your controllers/joystick via a certain chord. I would suggest taking a look at this topic:


I think he meant on-screen joysticks they have in those cheap flight simulators.

Although it may be a good idea, due to spacing on the screen it may be hard to implement, and may cause for more accidents since they are usually placed on the corner of the screen where your hands usually are.


That didn’t even cross my mind. I think it would be harder to control though.


Yeah, also a bit inconvenient and straining on the fingers for VFR. Tilting is actually way more easy


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