Controls not showing?

Ever since the a318 and a319 up date I load in it says tap screen to calibrate so i tap the screen then it takes about 20-30 seconds for the controls to show up (sometimes they don’t show up at all) then the sim becomes really laggy for about 20 seconds.
iOS 9.1
IF version: newest version
Device: iPhone 6s and iPad mini 4

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I suggest lowering the graphics settings. Shut down your device then try again. Although those are both very high end devices, not sure why it would be like that.

I’ve tried that doesn’t do anything?

This happens to be to, but the controls do show up

Yes the controls do most of the time but sometimes they don’t

Make sure interface timeout is off in the settings…could actually be the problem.

That’s not what I mean.

Happens to me too, I have the graphics on the highest settings, but it only takes 5-8 seconds, and there is a little lag on startup. I’m using an iPhone 5

This happens to me!

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This happens to me too.

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Geez guys lol. Turn AA off,

My AA is off it still does it

Okay…hmmm…try deleting and re installing. (If you want to) did you check the interface timeout in settings?

Yes I did I only reinstalled a few days ago because i only got my iPad on Wednesday.

I’m not sure then, I will leave this one for @DIsraelFDS