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I just attempted a flight from LGW-PMI in infiniteflight on the expert server. Whilst taxiing, I used my rudder to steer on the ground, and during takeoff, I noticed the issue. All my controls didn’t seem to work, I couldn’t steer using my ailerons nor could I change my pitch. I tried adjusting the trim, and checked that I didn’t have autopilot on. I only managed to rotate at about 160knts because my flaps setting pushed the nose up, I turned on my autopilot to see if that worked and it did perfectly, however during free flight I had no control of the aircraft, and it would slowly pitch upwards. I used infiniteflight earlier today, in fact about 2 hours ago and it worked perfectly. I checked my settings and all seemed fine. Has anyone else had this issue?
IPhone 11


This sometimes happen when the app stops receiving accelerometer data from the device.
Usually a device restart resolves that issue, so give that a go :)

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Thanks, I’ll try that now

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