Controls Issue

There was a sudden glitch right after departure from LHR en route to SFO using the British Airways livery on the A380

The Infinite Flight controls like systems were responsive, it was just like there was nothing there

Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: 17.4.1

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.
Could you please elaborate and describe what happened exactly?

Your display of course shows really messed up numbers and compass etc. Was the sim completely frozen, with any fix after restart?

I actually had this exact same issue when i was doing a long haul From LAX back in early March and all I can say is that I had to completely restart my flight again.

To add onto this, my sim COMPLETELY froze

  • I tried leaving the app

  • Clearing the Scenery Cache

  • Calibrating

After I left the sim and restarted, everything was fine

Hopefully this bug or issue should be fixed soon 🤞


It wasn’t completely frozen, the controls were responsive, just the plane was completely gone

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Thanks, will try (:

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