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Hi @all,

I am using IF with a new big IPad Pro. It is great to fly with it BUT controlling is a not so easy. I read that there are some people who are using joypads and so on. But- would it be possible to have control areas on the screen? I dont know how to explain it in english in a better way. These areas are similiar to touchpad areas from a Laptop. Another fly App is using this feature;-) It would not necessary to have this option with smaller devices but for the 12- IPad Pro it would be awesome. Thaaank you !

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Hi there,
I think if you are requesting a feature request it needs to go into the #features catagory but not general. Anyway the idea I think is great!

Thanks Charlie


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I am still trying to figure out what you are requesting. However, this has to be in the features category…