Controls Disappearing On Takeoff

I just spent 30 minutes preparing for a flight out of Beijing, and as I spooled up my engines for takeoff, all of the controls disappeared including the functions at the bottom of the screen. I couldn’t do anything except close the application and restart my device. Is anyone else having this issue?

Ipad Air 2…IOS11

I attached a screenshot of my screen after the problem occurred

I experienced this issue after take off as well on the Boeing 787-8. Was it any aircraft specifically?

I’ve only had this issue once on that aircraft but everything was fine after restarting. It’s also good to provide us with the type of device and iOS version :)


It was the 772. Its the first time I’ve had this issue too. Good point I edited my first post with my device and IOS version

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This is a known issue. I have also experienced it with my iPad Air 2.

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I’ve have had the same issue as well…

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This is a known issue who will be corrected in next updates.

Check your connection, that’s what I did and it works fine for me now.

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I have had the same issue Once yesterday with less then 2 hours left on my flight to EGLL, then tried a second flight later in the day didn’t even get airborne and just now didn’t even get a push back before it went away. Connection is fine and everything else stays green. Getting irritating because killing my flight time