Controls/Commands not saving!

I’ve recently got a joystick for IF and I have configured the buttons on the joystick to some commands, but every time i exit the app and come back on, the commands have reset back to the defaults. Is there any way to save them permanently? I’ve tried uninstalling and installing both live flight connect and infinite flight.

My joystick is a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro connect via live flight connect.
My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A10.

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Currently there is no way to permanently save controls for a joystick. But don’t worry as everyone who has a joystick is in the same ship. Welcome to the community!


Yes this is the same with me. Just take a screenshot of your settings. And just reset them every flight you do with your joystick. It’s a small issue and a small price to pay. Enjoy using your joystick.
Happy Flying

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I have the same joystick used on an iPad Air 3rd generation but i have never encountered this issue before… A bit weird though 🤔

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