Controls Broken?

So basically my controls for planes like the GA aircraft + Citation are broken. The Airliners seem to be rough too. By the way this isn’t a me problem the controls are set to default.


Sorry to hear you’re having this issue.

Could you describe what exactly you mean by “broken?” Are the controls not responding at all? Or over-responding? Or responding in the wrong direction?

Also, could you please share your device make and model? It would help us narrow the problem down.

Thank you :)

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This is my problem.

As a temporary solution, try reducing the control sensitivity in the app settings. It should get better.

What device are you using?

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what’s preferred in your opinion

I wouldn’t call it temporary. Different aircraft behaves differently, and needs to be handled differently :) Not that i need to tell a pilot that. Haha.


True. I was talking about devices haha.

@barbadian - it really depends from person to person. Some people love having their controls pick up even tiny movements and having them respond accordingly, whereas some people like them less sensitive so they can move their device around a bit without the airplane flipping over. Find a setting that works best for you and you’ll be good to go :)

And of course, what Seb said - flying a Citation or a CRJ is very different from flying a 777 or an A350 - so there’s no “one size fits all” setting in terms of aircraft types. You’ll just have to feel it out with different aircraft.


thank you!

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