Controlling TS EGLL is Achievable

This is just for 😂…

There are times when you can have tranquility at EGLL as you control. The 💨💨🌬 (winds) will help keep trolls at bay…I’ve been controlling for hours today…and it’s been beautiful due to winds and TS Violations …The Gods have spoken


Is this necessary?


I have seen many post about London Heathrow on the training server being amongst the top two worst airports to control on the TS. I was just saying that it is an airport that you control if the weather helps you out sometime, I’m sorry if it wasn’t educational. If this is post is in anyway inappropriate or a violation of policy…please remove it immediately, and thank you for the lesson in posting etiquette on the forum.

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For the experts: Is appropriate procedure for tower to give an early takeoff clearance…off topic

The problem is not everyone is actually going to do that.

What do you mean by early? If you’re clearing them while they’re still at the gate, then yes, that’s too early.

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not the appropriate use of the category