Controlling (Tower and Ground) @ EGKK (Gatwick) [CLOSED] on Playground

Open for some practice on Gatwick, Please come along and enjoy some experiences with me.


  1. Please use 26L for landing
  2. Please use 26R for takeoff
  3. Pattern work is accepted
  4. Please MSG Me feedback
  5. Have a fun Time!

@B767fan come join!

** Note I changed runways, because of length. It’s smarter to land on the shorter runway.

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Sorry, my internet ran out. Coming on! :)

Sorry for issues, some people don’t know when I say to use a runway, use that runway, not the other one.

I was okay. Thanks!

I was, I had to keep constantly diverting from my strategy because someone wanted a different runway.

Couldn’t make it! Sorry mate!

Maybe next time :)

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I’m going to Gatwick now for a few flights

BTW in reality they only use the long runway apart from when it is closed.

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