Controlling the controllers

The main system for reporting bad pilots on live is the “report” function. I’ve found to work OK, as long as other pilots report said pilot as well. But one issue I have come across way more often then I should be is bad ATC or ATC who don’t know proper operating procedures. The biggest problem with dealing with those controllers is that there is no way to deal with them! There’s no report function of any kind for when dealing with bad ATC! I’ve also noticed that it’s the same the other way around, ATC has very limited options for dealing with bad pilots in the ATC is under grade 3. So my question is, what can a pilot do when dealing with poor ATC, and what can ATC do when dealing with poor pilots?


If on TS…nothing…if on Expert…contact the controller you having an issue with…thats it

You must be talking about the training server. You cannot do much about ATC on the training server - it’s called training for a reason. If you want a more realistic experience, fly on the expert server.

There’s a difference between learning how to do something and flat out ignoring atc/pilots and doing your own thing.

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