Controlling planes with a console controller is it possible on a smartphone?

Good evening everyone, my question is is it possible to control an airplane completely on a smartphone with an Xbox controller or PS if so how to do it?

Yes, is possible. Once I connected my Ps4 controller via bluetooth and it worked. Be aware the controls are a bit sensitive with the joysticks :)

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Yes it is possible to do, however it’s quite uncomfortable as it’s very sensitive.

To do this with a PS4 controller and an iOS device do the following:

  • Go to Settings → Bluetooth → Turn on
  • On your PS4 controller hold the “Share” button and the “PS” button together for 5 seconds until it starts flashing. It should then show up as a device that you can connect as a Bluetooth device. Press connect.
  • After this just go into Infinite Flight and go to settings → controls and press “Show Devices”. Your controller should show up as an “iOS Gamepad”.
  • Now just tweak your controls to match up with the controls for Infinite Flight and your good to go. To do this just tap on one of the controls in settings for example “Throttle” then press whatever button you want to control the throttle with.

Also note, the controller might turn off every 30 or so mins if it the controls haven’t been touched. This is a battery saver system in place similar to how on the PS4 you can turn off your controller from switching off every 30 mins or so.

Hope this helps, I recommend testing on solo to get an idea of the controls and tweaking them to your liking :)

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This is working well for me with the exception being the throttle, it seems to only rest at 50% and you can map an input for it to go up or down but as soon as the control is released (right stick in my case) it reverts back to 50%, any way around this?

Along if you have Bluetooth it is possible

I haven’t found a way around it, for me the problem is that it rests at 100% if I use the R2 or L2 buttons. I’ll look into a solution for you.

@schloopy91, I find using R2 for throttle up and L2 for throttle down much better.

Using one of the joysticks will rest it at 50% because the joystick is in the center, bringing it back will be 0% and all the way up will be 100%. Hopefully this makes sense.

Joysticks are way more useful for steering, I have it set that left joystick is my left and right whilst right joystick is my up and down.

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