Controlling on TS

After controlling 200+ operations on TS, I just want to say hats off to those IFATC on ES… TALK ABOUT HECTIC!!

I can only imagine what it’s “really” like.

Thanks IFATC for all that you do.

Edit: added screenshot of the “madness”


It’s definitely a lot different on expert as we get to have a greater control over the airspace using ATIS and Ghostings. I would just like to thank you for bringing your services to the Training Server. People don’t normally listen there but good on you for trying. Hope to see you in IFATC soon! (If you apply)

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Cheers mate, appreciate that. I personally would love to be IFATC one day - but definitely need to learn much much more. It’s so easy to lose aircraft on the screen and I find that aspect of it to be very tough.

Y’all are trained well and champions in my books (and I’ve been ghosted twice - but each one was a huge learning experience).

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The controller’s in the ES embrace the challenge without complaining. We try to remember the priority’s and dealing with that task at hand.

I’d recommend that you start looking at the IFATC tutorials until you have the acquired criteria to contact a recruiter.

I’d recommend the user guide here: User Guide for most of the information ℹ️.

Also to really get an insight to what we get up to I will also recommend looking at this: Spotting From The Control Tower | Edition 3 - #15 by Saharsh

Happy to help if needed my inbox is always open.


Thank you so much @Gliding_Central !!

Very supportive, and while I’m not ready anytime soon - definitely gives hope for the future when the brain sponge has soaked up enough knowledge.


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