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Hello IFC,
I just want to share something on about being an ATC on training server. I know some and most of us have been there. Controlling on TS is really frustating. There are pilots that willing to learn and taking it seriously without bothering nobody. And some are just want to have fun, which is I understand. Everytime I want to control on TS, I spend mostly 2hrs minimum, because I enjoy it even some pilots are not really into it. Some pilots are really serious to learn and I really respect that. Like last night, i was controlling EGLL for good 2hrs. I have encountered so many pilots that have a patience, like they’re willing to wait on line for good 3 to 5 mins before take off. Some of them I asked them to taxi on rwy XX and still taxi to the other side of rwy. Some of them taking off without clearance, crossing rwy, pushing back w/o permission, sending duplicate messages, landing without clearance, asked for freq change when they’re already instructed to, cutting someones off on holding point and so on stuff like that and it is really frustrating and disappointing but hey I cannot complain, its TS. For me, I know for myself I have the ability to be an IFATC, be one good role model and become The best Of The Best ever. I can offer my very best effort to be The Best. But thats not going to happen suddenly, some circumtances happened unexpectedly. But I am glad that some IF pilots have courage to learn more. And I am happy that i got to empty the crowded airport last night before I sign out. Its really fun but frustrating at the same time.
Story of my life last night :)


Unfortunately it’s training server and some people are still getting their feet wet with controlling and the app and may be unknown to these commands. I recommend applying to IFATC when you have the time or those circumstances don’t affect you to avoid these problems and control with people who usually listen and understand.

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@jasper.hero. MaxSez: We all feel your pain “Hero”! We who have been there done that identify. “Do Good Work”, hang in there, your frustration is noted. Have a Hoist for your dedication an candor.
Regards, Max


EGLL is not the place for you. If you’re learning, high volumes might teach you bad habits. If you want to provide good ATC you need a quieter airport. That doesn’t guarantee you won’t get idiots. Join the IFATC team if ATC floats your boat. For the most part the pilots are well behaved. You will still get people who don’t know what they are doing, in that case you help them as much you can but if they become a burdon you can send them on their jollies! I was IFATC for a year or so, I have Internet issues that prevents me from providing a good service so I had to leave the team temporarily. IFATC is stressful though, it’s no holiday.


Yes I completely understand. Im just saying no big deal. I mean I just also want to share some knowledge skills to provide one of the best ATC services thats all.

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