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As of right now, there is a long process for becoming an expert server controller so if you’re just trying to learn to control well, you have to control on TS1. The problem with this is the only way to get any traffic at all is you need to be controlling a large class Bravo airport like LAX. As most of you know, controlling LAX on TS1 equals permanent brain damage. What I mean by this is about 0.00001% of people actually listen to you and play correctly. I don’t feel like I’m ready to become an expert controller yet and I need realistic flights to control to gain experience and skill.

So what I am proposing is the ability to control on expert even when you have not taken the test to become an expert controller. How this would work is you would need to have a certain amount of operations to be able to be a Delta or Charley airspace controller on expert. This would create an opportunity for people like to gain good experience to eventually become a full expert server controller.

If I am missing something here please tell me- Thanks :)

IFATC Operates ATC on the Expert Server and it will stay like that for the foreseeable future

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Well there are problems with that. Maybe someone who doesn’t have much knowledge as an ATC decides to practice on expert. It would probably result in many pilots being angry.


There still would be trolls and unqualified people controlling. Plus, Expert is for advanced players. Advanced players need advanced ATC that do it as if it’s their job (which it kind of is).


Having ATC on the expert server which aren’t IFATC defeats the whole purpose of the server.


Yes and that is why you would need to have a certain amount of operations and would be restricted to smaller airports

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I have 1400 ATC operations but still make mistakes… I don’t think it is such a great idea after all

Not going to happen, sorry. More chance of winning the lottery.