Controlling LAX Ground and Tower for the MAX vs NEO Event! - IFATC Timelapse

Hey y’all!

I had a blast controlling LAX ground and tower during the B737 MAX 8 vs A320NEO event! With over 120 inbound and 185 outbound aircraft in under 3 hours, this session never had a dull moment. For those who don’t want to do that math, that averages out to just over one outbound every minute! It was super fun to watch all the votes come in, and see so many people from the community participating. Huge thanks to my fellow IFATC who helped this session go so smoothly!

I hope y’all enjoy, leave a comment on which aircraft you voted for if you participated, and I’ll see y’all in the next one!

Date & Time: 2024-03-01T09:15:00Z2024-03-01T12:15:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: Las Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Runways in Use:
Departing: 25R, 24L
Landing: 25L, 24R
Ground/Tower/ATIS: @JAR
TRACON: @Prashant_Divedi
ARTCC: @Levi_Park @LesterXavier


It was fun!! Thanks for making Video 🫶

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IT’S waw 👨‍🎤👏👏👏

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I really enjoyed that! Thanks for the video.

Recommended: try watching and listening a 2X speed. Hypnotic depiction of order.

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Thanks! I tried that out, that does look pretty cool haha

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