Controlling issues on Expert Server

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: 16.0

Hello! I’m an IFATC Specialist and i’ve been having trouble with controlling ever since 22.7 has released. I’ve had people report to me that they have been requesting to takeoff etc and I wasn’t answering even though I never received any messages. I’ve reported a few people in busy AMS the other day due to crossing the runway without permission while on my frequency (I was ground while someone else had tower). As people would request to cross the runway I would hand them off to tower and I would get no response then a few minutes later they would cross the runway while on my frequency, but it turned out that they were on towers frequency and received a clearance and not on my frequency even tho it showed that they were. All these reports were sorted by me through appeals as “game issues”. I was controlling EIDW earlier as Ground tower & ATIS, and it showed an aircraft was on ground frequency but somehow requested takeoff on tower and I couldn’t respond due to them supposedly being on ground. This further proves my point that the issues that I had at AMS are somewhat consistent every time I control. Hope these can get resolved!


IFATC Specialist



Happening to me as well. Pilots are complaining to be about being unresponsive when controlling ground or tower. I saw people taking off on their own and when I check why they are taking off, it shows that pilot did sent me multiple messages for takeoff but I didn’t answer. Not the mistake of pilot nor mine as I do not get messages on my screen. This happens every 15mins or so.

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Yep! I won’t be controlling again until it’s resolved because it’s been happening every time I open. Pilots have tried to resolve it themselves by leaving my frequency then joining back and then it shows in the logs that they sent messages but I never heard them 🤷‍♂️. When they join back tho I still can’t hear any messages.

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Any updates on whether this can be looked at? I can’t really control with the same issues happening

Well @Kyles.aviation its probably a bug and a known issue this is due to your Internet connection and slow response make sure to check it before you start controlling mate

Ive had a similar issue in some experiences in TS ATC a few weeks ago because I hear the message of an aircraft but i cant see them on my list.

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No mate this isn’t my internet connection. My internet has fast speeds and these issues have only been happening since the new update has came out. Another ES controller has reported the same issues above your message.


My apologies @Kyles.aviation

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Your fine! I’ll just have to see what support says :)

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As some mentioned, this is a known issue.
It’s one of the primary reasons to why we are reworking a lot of the multiplayer server infrastructure right now.

Hopefully it won’t be long now until we have Expert Server transferred to that as well.


Ah cheers then that’s fine! It’s just quite annoying as it’s happening constantly where as to the previous update there were no problems really.

Have a great week


Thank you, this is much needed.

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