Controlling in training server

I’ve been controlling in training server for a while and some aircrafts just ignores what the ATC says, or doesn’t contact the ATC at all.

For example, I was at LAX as ground controller, an aircraft spawned at a ramp near 25L and requested 25L for departure. But the wind was 080 at 10 and the airport is using 07s and 06s for departures/arrivals. The pilot insists to takeoff from 25L after I instructed the pilot to taxi to 07R. Then the pilot just ignored my instructions and taxi to 25L. The same thing happened while I was Socal APP. The aircraft wants to land with 10kts tailwind, just because they planned their route that way.

Sometimes those aircrafts would interfere with the arrival traffics and collied with aircraft on final(even though it’s not implemented into the game), and I can’t do anything but watch.

In cases like this, what should I do? Sometimes they are the only plane at the airport so they won’t interfere with others.

For those who doesn’t contact the controller or takeoff/landing without permissions, and caused an imaginary collision, should I report them? Since I’m not able to report them in the game, should I report to the supervisors(if there is any) in the forum afterward?

Being Training server not many listen. They can only get “Reported” For having an offensive name or trolling an event and sometimes spamming.
I suggest checking this out, and controlling leas busy airports :)

and if controlling on expert is something you don’t want i suggest this:)

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Well I did apply for it but I’m still waiting for the recruiter’s reply.

The people who fly in the training server are learning. The more they fly the more they will learn, so give them time. You can join IFATC which allows you to control in the Expert server which is link in the topic Alpha listed above

Yeah I applied for it couple days ago.

If it’s been a few days, send a friendly reminder:)

The recruiter will get back to you once he has time. I highly recommend practicing for the written until then

Oh the tracking thread link didn’t load up when I sent the last reply. I’ll go check it out. Thanks

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Be sure to check out the ATC manual and the YouTube tutorials for your IFATC tests, and of course make a tracking thread

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Los Angeles in particular is usually a jungle on TS. If you’re looking for a place to practice realistic procedures, LAX is not the place to do so. However, it’s good practice in terms of getting to know all the ATC controls and such.

My advice would be to just ignore all the troll pilots, they’re taking your attention away from the serious users who also want a realistic and civilized experience. I’ve found myself having a much better time in doing so, and I’ve ended up gaining a ton of operations from doing so. But that’s just my two cents on that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

MaxSez: Peer Pressure was a tool utilized in previous additions which culled the Training Server Herd. The “Report User” function which took 3 simultaneous reports by users who observed illegal or notorious operations on the Trainer issued violation automatically. The function was short lived due to abuse by the few wannabe Mod’s.
The re-activation on a trial bases of this function which ends a flight and issues a violation with a weeks standdown is and could be a good thing if implemented on n the Trainer Forthwith.
Just Sayin, Max

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Thx, I will.

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Well I’m just trying to pick up my old trainings from VATSIM and LAX always recall my memories of the good old days.

Good to know! I communicated with the support team about this because I didn’t know there is a forum. They said they’re having discussions about this. I hope they could eventually comes up with a solution since training server has more ATCs, which is why I prefer to fly in training than expert. Luckily I haven’t experienced anything like I said in the post while I was flying.

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I agree with @Kaj. Make sure you practise hard for the written test and the practical test. They’re quite hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m sure you’ll be fine though :)


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