Controlling in other languages

Friends , I know most of you live with the language of the IF , the English , more I wish they eventually offer users an option to choose the language in the control tower in live mode. It is very difficult not only for me but for many users who love the IF. You agree??


It would become unrealistic. Controllers usually only use English. Yes, it would be convenient, but we would lose some realism.


Has a point controllers mainly speak in English.

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Unless the real ATC there does use the native language too

Yeah but I’m talking about like big airports.

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I would presume that what this request is after is something like

User A: English (Request pushback)
User B: Other language (Pushback approved)

So it’s like the language is a clientside thing, right?


Not necessarily, some towers offer services in the local language if the terminology is in place.


some airports communicate with the local language . More in the case of IF most regions dominate the English.

It wouldn’t be realistic but I think they could still implement it. English is my native language but id still like to change the language to practice other languages Im learning

yeah, like what happens when a japenees person wants to play, can’t really hear proply because its just english

Isso mesmo Carlos_Iurajud. I’m talking about these cases or a Japanese and Arabic or other languages ​​such as Portuguese

but I agree with you English is the primary language. but it is very difficult for some people with me until I understand little English.

I think this is a great idea. But I am thinking of a translating ability as we are all using the same responses. What do I mean by this?

If you send a request to taxi, you see it in English but if the ATC only speaks Japanese then it shows up as Japanese on their end and vice versa. It would be a huge breakthrough of language barriers in the IF community.


I wish it was the reverse. The users would command in Japanese and the tower would speak in English .

thats why I said vice versa, you should be able to see your request or command in your native language but the person receiving it whether pilot or ATC would get it in theirs.

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I agree with you Alan_Perez, it would greatly help.

This is a great idea conceptually, it’d be hard to put together possibly into the sim (How to manage those that may not understand French for example) but I love the concept

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read my posts above

Every Millitary Airport is using It’s local language . what about adding this option just to them. that would be very realistic

I am just going to make my own topic on this matter not directly related to controlling.