Controlling EGLL [Training Server]

I just did the control tower at EGLL and I can tell you that when people listen to all this goes well, I managed to make EGLL desert all on time but when you have people who listen it’s bcp more complicated enridge but pity that there can be nothing to make


KLAX and EGLL tower and ground are absolutely ridiculous. People telling you to takeoff left and right, and they don’t listen when you tell them to be patient. They take off on the wrong side of the runway and take off without permission. It’s disgusting behavior.

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That’s right, after I want to say if people do not want to respect the instructions as well do not this put on the frequency

Agreed and I feel bad for the people who listen to the directions because the people who don’t listen, ruin it for them.

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exactly Even the people who respect a rate I know it’s annoying to wait but in real you would oblige to wait it’s normal, but the problem is that it kills their game also

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