Controlling @EGBB 21940ZNOV15 (Closed)

Server: ATC Playground

Region: London

Airport: EGBB

Time: (Now)

NOTAM: Ground and Tower! Help me practice for advanced atc test :)

Coming now

Airport was difficult without many taxiways, sorry decided to close!

It is okay I was FDS 990 BTW

Yes, I noticed :) Thanks for coming!!

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Want to do a different airport.

Sure? Got one in mind?

New York Jfk

Don’t have New York… Hawaii?

I don’t know mountain flying. London? If not we will go to Hawaii

Sure London would work, let me see what airports are open!

EGBB? Airport is open!

Let me know which airport…make sure atleast a a320 could take off

Okay filler

Already chaotic

Thank you! Had a good time

Still open?

Still open let me know I will come just to do some patterns

Nope, had to go! Sorry, but thank you for coming!

Please include [Closed] or an alternative.
I was about to do patterns.