Controlling Denver Local for the Infinite Flight World Tour

Hey Y’all!

Here’s another timelapse from me, this time I controlled at Denver Local for the arrival of the Infinite Flight World Tour CYVR - KDEN leg. I had a lot of fun getting a chance to use real world procedures with heavy traffic, and had some great help from approach. Comment if you get a chance to find your arrival or departure, and hope y’all enjoy!

Server: Expert
Airport: Denver International Airport (KDEN)
Runways in Use:
Departing: 34L, 8, 25
Landing: 34R, 35L, 35R
Ground/Tower/ATIS: @JAR
Approach: @Mxrzy
Date: 2023-02-15T19:00:00Z2023-02-15T20:30:00Z


Satisfying as always to watch JAR!

Have a great rest of your day!


Thanks mate, glad you enjoy these videos! Have a good one yourself :D


That was a workout but defiantly fun once it got worked out (no pun intended!) Glad I was able to open for a while and help out. Looks a little better on the tower POV than it did radar but I guess everyone made it one way or another 😂

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That’s really pretty cool. I did enjoy watching how you handled all the traffic.

What were the winds that day? I noticed you were taking off on both 8 and 25… I’m guessing they were pretty calm?

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Actually not quite. Winds were at 360-010 at 12kts. The reason that configuration works is because with that wind direction both 25 and 8 have a direct crosswind, and as long as its not too gusty that’s a very manageable crosswind takeoff. That is often the configuration that Denver uses IRL when winds are from the north or south. Great question, thanks for asking and glad you enjoyed the video! :)

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